Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

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3.5/5 on 02/05/2015

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Fitbit is one of nowadays quite a few variations on “Life trackers,” as the English term reads. It is simply a small device that is supposed to be with you around the clock to one or another way to record how much you move during one day. The data collected is then connected to a web service where you can get an overview and thus start living a healthier life with the help of thing.

Fitbit One is the foundation and the bottom of a regular pedometer that you have with you all the time to log the number of steps, when you take these steps and to what intensity. The unit is also an altimeter that keeps track of how much you gone slopes during the day, this easily translated into stairs. Through a built-in accelerometer, you can also measure how well you sleep by clamping your Fitbit in a fabric band on his arm. A fun feature of the model One is a built-in vibration, which can act as silent alarm for you.

All data collected is uploaded to Fitbits web service, either via a small USB stick to your computer or via bluetooth to iPhone and the associated app (app is available for Android, but the upload part is not finished yet). Through the app or web service, you can then add more activities than just counting steps, for example if you have been a reverse in the gym. You can also register food, drinks and weight. With a little care and persistence you may get a fairly complete picture of how you move and what you would need to do to improve your health.

In practice this is almost as good as promised. Fitbit One is, as I said the third generation of Fitbits pedometer and it’s definitely at least so far. This means that it either can be hidden easily in a pocket or clipped to your belt with the included bracket. The battery can withstand one week of use, depending on how hard the device, and thus you, works.

When it comes to signing stage and the number climbed the stairs, the unit is quite accurate and has not figured direct fault sometime when we double-checked themselves. Sure there are a few steps margin of error per hundred steps taken, but there is no direct serious.

Sleep meter based on how much you move during the night, something that is not really one hundred percent reliable in all situations. It also allows the vibrator to act alarm clock is not always particularly accurate in their attempts to wake you up gently. Sleep log should instead be taken with a pinch of salt and most used as an overview.

More than a pedometer

To sync with your phone works really well, albeit everlasting slowly. With it’s low-power Bluetooth 4.0 used it’s more about being just power efficient than being fast, and a transfer often takes a few minutes to complete. Fortunately, you can do other things in the meantime, but it could well have been faster. On the whole, feels Fitbit One is not like a huge upgrade over the previous generation, even if the news in theory is flexible. Price tag can also be considered somewhat high for “just a pedometer,” but if you see the advantage to log a variety of aspects of your everyday life in an attempt to get a better overall control of your health is Fitbit little more than just a pedometer.