Garmin Vivofit

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4/5 on 02/05/2015

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Garmin vívofit is basically a activity tracker / fitness tracker that automatically helps you set a personal target, monitors your progress and reminds you, when it is time to move / exercise. The armband monitors your sleep, shows you how many steps you have taken and how many you still need to reach the target of the day, calories, distance and time of day in an easily readable display. You can pair your Garmin Vivofit with a Garmin heart rate monitor and get accurate pulse data while you run, exercise or work out.

If you are using a Garmin Forerunner  watch or a Garmin Edge bikecomputer already, the Garmin Vivofit is a great supplement to register your activity and restitution, when you are not working out. Syncronize wirelessly with Garmin Connect – Garmin’s free online training universe – and participate in challenges as well as saving, planning sharing your progress with other users.

Activity Indicator and Alarms

The Garmin Vivofit motivates you to be more active during the day by displaying a “red bar” after 1 hour of inactivity and reminds you to move. Walk a few minutes and the bar resets.

Wear it 24/7

Stylish, comfortable and waterproof down to 50 meters – Always ready for use.

1 year battery life time

Garmin vívofit stays on for more than 1 year without any need for charging. This differentiates the Garmin Vivofit from all other activity and fitness trackers on the market, which typically requires regular charges. The armband requires an ordinary electronic battery: CR 2023.

Easily readable display

Use as a watch and monitor all data on your wrist.


Reach your targets

Garmin Vivofit learns from your activity level and adjusts your daily target every morning with realistic targets.


Monitor your progress with Garmin Connect

With the puch of a button you can syncronize your Garmin Vivofit with Garmin Connect  wirelessly, and get the full overview of your progress, participate in online challenges and earn virtual badges for additional motivation. Access to Garmin Connect™ can be done from both your computer or from compatible smartphones* via the Garmin Connect™ Mobile App.


Track your  Heart Rate

With a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor**, you can use your pulse and pulse zone data and get an even higher accuracy in the calorie calculations. The wristband is compatible with the ANT+ signal from all Garmain heart rate monitors – and if you have one already it is easily pairable.


Calorie Counter

The Garmin Vivofit tracks the number of calories burned throughout the day, incl. BMR (Base Metabolic Rate), an estimate for how many calories you burn even if you are not moving for 24 hours. Syncronize with Garmin Connect and see you calorie burn rate and whether you are on the right path towards the desired weight.

Monitor your sleep

Activate the Sleep Mode on your Garmin Vivofit, when you go to bed and get an overview of your sleep quality.

Match your personal style

You have the option to swith the armband with other other colors (Black, Teal, Slate, Blue and Purple) so you can math the Garmin Vivofit to your personal style… or just in general to your selection of clothes.

Two Sizes
Garmin vívofit alo comes in tow different sizes (small and Large) so you are sure to get an armband the fits your wrist. The fitness tracker armband can be regulated in size as well.

*Demands Bluetooth Smart Compatible Phone (iPhone 4S or newer)

** Garmin ANT+ Hardstrap or Softstrap Heart Rate Monitor