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Garmin Vivosmart

Conclusion: The Garmin Vivo Smart scores very good in the testing with platform independence and the extensive app.The runtime is good despite OLED display, the comfort pleasant. With the relatively high price Garmin Vivosmart still beats the competition as a very nice solution.

Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin Vivosmart Activity and Fitness Tracker

The new Fitness Tracker Garmin VivoSmart eradicates some weaknesses of the good predecessor Garmin Vivofit. Thus, the VivoSmart now has a backlit OLED display that reacts to touch inputs. This reduces the unsurpassed battery life of Garmin Vivofit of approximately one year to comparatively meager – but still good – seven days. With this, the new Fitness Tracker can be read in the dark. In addition, the synchronization of the data now automatically runs on Bluetooth 4.0 LE – even in the reverse direction: Garmin VivoSmart displays all notifications from the smartphone.

Visually, the Garmin VivoSmart is fancier than their predecessors with the narrower and less conspicuous design. It can be worn comfortably and comes standard with a safety lock – the predecessor dissolved happy times from the wrist. The improvements come at a price around 170 USD for the Garmin VivoSmart in online trading. You can buy the activity tracker in different colors and two sizes – but the subsequent replacement of the bracelets is no longer possible.

Garmin VivoSmart: Communicates with Smartphones

The VivoSmart sets a new record in the category equipment. In contrast to its predecessor, the fitness bracelet continuously communicates with your iPhone or Android Smartphone and displays all alerts from your phone directly on the bracelet on. Use the Garmin VivoSmart to scroll through e-mails or read WhatsApp messages. Really comfortable features, which is still useful despite the small touchscreens. A microphone like the Sony Smart band or Huawei band does not exist in Garmin VivoSmart but you can control your music player with the bracelet.

Garmin VivoSmart: sleep mode with alarm clock

At night, wear the strap to measure the efficiency of your sleep. Compared to Vivofit an automatic mode has been added. In the app, you can define when you usually go to bed and when you wake up normally. During this time the Garmin VivoSmart now automatically recognizes if you are already asleep or not. The band also wakes you up at a preset time by gentle vibration. However it is not a smart alarm clock such as the Jawbone UP24.

Garmin VivoSmart: Open App

The control center of the Garmin VivoSmart is the Garmin Connect app, available for Android and iPhone. Unlike many other fitness trackers Garmin Connect can be used via a web interface in order manage all features. With the app you set your goals for the day, training and alarms. You can adjust your stride for a more accurate distance measurement as well. In various online challenges you compete against friends or the entire community. In conjunction with MyFitnessPal you define your calorie consumption. A heart rate monitor or pulse monitor is not provided is in all editions of the Garmin VivoSmart, but it communicates with optional equipment. The heart rate data can be transferred into the app also. For a motivator the Garmin Connect app provides virtual medals and the well-known inactivity bar from the by Garmin Vivofit directly in the armband.

Garmin Vivo Smart: accuracy

The pedometer in our test run with the Garmin VivoSmart measured to 98 percent accuracy. On our test track fitness trackers was off by only eleven steps on average in three passes. In the Toothbrush test the VivoSmart could not score against its competitors. It reacts disproportionately to foreign influences. A firmware update might help here.

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