UP by Jawbone

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3.2/5 on 02/05/2015

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Up is a smart pedometer to be placed on the arm and talking to a really neat app. But the connection can hardly be considered beautiful.

Jawbone Up has a fairly long history nowadays. The first edition of the band got canceled and ended sold because of its enormous amounts of errors and generally poor build quality. Version 2 has been out for a while in the States before now finally found their way to Sweden and so far it does not seem to suffer from very many production problems.

The bracelet looks are a bit of a matter of taste, but we know well most of a real display is lacking to you quickly see your progress. The bracelet itself measures steps about as accurate as the Fitbit we compared with and it can also be used to measure how well you sleep and used as a stopwatch. The app can then combine it with a measurement log, link to the Withings WiFi scale and the like. The app is really good looking and easy to navigate, although we would have liked better able to see your progress over longer periods of time.

Currently there are no proper display to show the current number of steps directly on the bracelet feels even more absent when the “connection” with both iPhone and Android is done by inserting the bracelet in the phone’s headphone jack. Probably this is done precisely to the bracelet should work to multiple platforms simultaneously, but it just gets meckigt to take off the bracelet, peel the cover that hides the headphone plug, plug in the bracelet and start the app to see how you are doing for the day. Nike Fuel Band shows you the right arm and Fitbit One / Zip / Flex sync information over Bluetooth.

This makes it most feels cumbersome to use up compared to what competitors are capable of, even if there is something wrong with the band, app or function itself.